TPN views its affiliate members’ devotion to pinball as a flame amidst a cool breeze. Rather than let that flame go out, as it almost did in the late 1990’s; TPN wants to grow that flame to the roaring bonfire it could be.

The Pinball Network

The Pinball Network (TPN) is a media group dedicated to pinball shows, podcasts, videos, and streams. Pinball is a tiny niche hobby and as a sport, it barely registers on the competitive landscape. That tiny community however LOVES PINBALL with the kind of ferocity we see only at professional sporting events, wildly successful buy-one-get-one (BOGO) sales, and viral cat memes.

TPN wishes to help develop, promote and diversify the pinball community and it’s content creators. Through this level of engagement we strive to build the hobby to reach new people.