Podcast Team

The Pinball Network’s podcast team is amaze-balls! Just check out the talent:

Silverball Chronicles

Looking for a different pinball Podcast which isn’t about current events or pinball news? Silverball Chronicles is a monthly podcast for the true pinball nerd that enjoys learning more about the complicated dynamics, politics and characters that created their favorite pinball machines. Join Ron and Dave as they stumble through pinball history mispronouncing names, chronicling designers, telling war stories, and digging up strange and obscure facts; all while paying homage to the hobby of pinball.

The Pinball Show – Mid Week Edition

    The Pinball Show Midweek Edition – host, Craig Bobbie continues the discussion on topics, highlights and happenings in the world of pinball with an occasional guest along for the ride. So if that sounds fun to you, what are you waiting for? Catch you on the flip side!

    Just Another Pinball Podcast

    Joel discusses any and all topics submitted to him by the viewers. An interactive podcast and Twitch stream based off of audience questions and comments. Having only been in the hobby since 2017, Joel has a unique and fresh perspective of pinball and all that there is to learn and love about it.