Hello out there!

The PIA Committee has begun rolling out the 2020 Pinball Industry Awards Statistics! Check out the website here for all the data analysis and vote break down that you can shake a stick at! Hall of Fame Stats to arrive shortly.

Some of the data highlights include:

  • A ‘Best in Show’ breakdown of all combined votes by machine which illustrates Jersey Jack Pinball’s Guns N’ Roses: Not In This Lifetime not only won ‘Best in Show’ via the direct category vote, but also had the vast majority of votes across all categories… It truly was 2020’s best in show!
  • A World Map with the countries which all the judges were from.
  • Category breakouts of each vote what the Pinball Hobbyist Media Judges voted on.
  • Artist Zombie Yeti (AKA Jeremy Packer), with two top tier art packages this year, dominated in the art categories.
  • Keith Elwin and Stern Pinball still rule the roost when it comes to the pinball machine Rules

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Also, big shout out and thank you to Don’t Panic Flip for an amazing site! Without George, the Pinball Industry Awards wouldn’t be able to pretend we are a professional group of hobbyists dedicated to celebrating and cheering on Pinball manufacturers and content creators.